An introduction to Segmind

Segmind is a Cloud MLOps platform for Data Scientists and ML Engineers to build and manage their ML projects lifecycle. Segmind uses open-source systems and standards to get you started quickly with your projects. Segmind uses Kubernetes to create and manage compute resources required to run your training and other MLOps services that include:

  1. JupyterLab and VS Code as IDE
  2. MLFlow
  3. Container Registry
  4. Datastore
  5. Other Management Tools (grafana, prometheus, cost advisor)

Segmind provides standardised workflow and toolsets to help teams collaborate on ML and data science projects.

Getting started

Create an account


Hosted on Segmind cloud. You need to create an account to get started. We run multiple clusters across cloud providers. You may be given any of the clusters while signing up. Read Quickstart once you have an account to train your first model on Segmind.

Self Hosted

Connect your AWS, GCP, or Azure cloud accounts to Segmind platform and set up your Kubernetes clusters within a few minutes. Built to scale for organizations looking for modern and state-of-the-art architecture, security, and dedicated technical support. Click here to create an enterprise account.

All the services and components can be accessed via Python Library or via the console at cloud.segmind.com.

Updated 10 Jan 2022
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