Model Status

Model status can be cold and warm refer to how long it takes to launch a machine learning model to accept requests.

  • Cold Boot: When a model hasn't been used in a while, it gets turned off to conserve resources. This is similar to completely turning off your computer. When you make a request to use the model again, it needs to be fully loaded and started up, which can take several minutes for large models. This is a cold boot.

  • Warm Boot: If a model has been used recently, it stays loaded and ready to accept requests. This is similar to putting your computer in sleep mode. When you use a warm model, the response is much faster because the model is already up and running.

Here's why this happens:

  • Segmind has a large library of models, and keeping them all running all the time would use a lot of resources.

  • They only run the models that are actually being used.

  • Cold boots happen more often for less frequently used models.

Segmind only charges you for the time the model is actually processing your request, not the boot time. So, cold boots don't affect your costs.

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