Rate Limits

Segmind implements rate limiting to safeguard the integrity and performance of our API.

Rate limiting serves multiple purposes:

  • Security: It mitigates the risk of abuse or misuse by preventing malicious users from flooding the API with excessive requests, which could disrupt services.

  • Fair Access: Rate limiting ensures equitable access to the API by restricting any single user or application from monopolizing resources, enabling all users to leverage the API effectively.

  • Performance Optimization: By managing the overall load on our infrastructure, rate limiting prevents performance degradation due to sudden spikes in API requests, maintaining a smooth and consistent user experience.

At Segmind, we prioritize the security, fairness, and reliability of our API services. Rate limiting is a crucial measure to uphold these core principles and deliver an optimal experience to all our users.

Here are the rate limits depending on your account plan.

Free ProEnterprise


50 RPM


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