Pricing and Billing

Model API Pricing

We charge for API requests on a per-second basis, based on the amount of GPU processing time required for executing a request. We host our models on different GPUs and cloud providers and hence the price varies per model. You can find each model’s price and speed on each model’s page. For example: Yamer's Realistic SDXL Pricing

You can track exactly how much you’ve been charged for each request on your account’s usage page. From this page, you can see how much you have left in your account (in dollars), the number of requests you’ve made today, and the total number of requests you’ve made from this account.

PixelFlow Pricing

The charge for running Workflows created on PixelFlow will simply be the sum of the parts (the sum cost of running each model in the workflow).

PixelFlow Platform Subscription Pricing

Detailed Pricing for the PixelFlow graphic user interface where you can create custom workflows can be found on the pricing page. Users who subscribe to PixelFlow will be given credits equivalent to the amount they pay.

  • Free accounts will be credited $0.5/day

  • Pro accounts will be credited $59/month

  • Enterprise accounts will be credited $599/month

Premium models like GPT, Claude, Gemini and many more, will be offered in only the Pro and Enterprise accounts.

As an introductory offer, users will be given double the credits in their first month.


Every account, by default, starts as a “Free Account”. Each Free Account is pre-loaded with enough Free Credits to start experimenting with some of the different models on our platform. After a few dozen inferences, you should expect to see an “out of credits” error.

From the Billing Page, you will find two methods of adding credits to your account.

  1. Recharge. Simply use your credit card to add any dollar amount to your account.

  2. Convert to Postpaid Billing. Enter in your credit card information and get unlimited access to our platform. You will be charged at the end of each month for your usage each month. Track your usage from your account’s usage page.

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