What is PixelFlow?

Pixelflow is a node based tool that gives developer and creators the ability to access a myriad of open-sourced and closed-source models, seamlessly string them together to create highly tailored AI workflows. It is a cloud-based platform that allows users to experiment and create complex Generative AI workflows without the need for coding.

Please watch the following introductory video to learn more about PixelFlow's capabilities.

Use cases

PixelFlow offers a unique toolkit for creators and developers:

  • Experiment with Diffusion Models: Use a wide range of stable diffusion models, or even bring your own custom models for specialized workflows.

  • Parallel Processing Power: Design pipelines where a single input is fed into multiple models in parallel. Each model generates its own creative output, giving you diverse options.

  • Multi-modal Workflows: Connect different AI models that can handle various data types (text, image, audio, etc.) within a single workflow. This lets you create unique outputs by feeding your workflow a combination of data types.

  • Workflows for your apps: Once you've built your workflow, publish it as an API for easy integration.

Workflow to API

PixelFlow gives you the power to turn your workflows into an API. This is especially useful if you’ve created a workflow that’s well-tuned, can be used repeatedly, and serves a specific use-case. You can then use this API in your any application or service.

You can learn more about Workflows to API here.

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